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Syllabus in pdf form
Homework 1 Homework 1 Solutions
Homework 2 Homework 2 Solutions
Homework 3 Homework 3 Solutions
Homework 4 Homework 4 Solutions
Homework 5 Homework 5 Solutions
Homework 6 Homework 6 Solutions
Homework 7 Homework 7 Solutions
Homework 8 Homework 8 Solutions
Homework 9 Homework 9 Solutions
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Instructions on submitting homework

1. Late homework will not be marked. The homework is due on Thursdays by the time the mathematics office closes. You can hand in your homework to the lecturer in person, or to the department office before it closes.

2. Your homework must be stapled and have your name and number in the front page on top.

3. Copying from other students' homework is not allowed. Academic honesty is a vital part of your studies at UCL.

4. Solutions to the homework are posted on this site shortly after the homework is due. Under no circumstances does the instructor accept homework after the posting of the solutions. Solutions to the homework will not be distributed in class.

5. Although a couple of problems only are marked from each homework assignment, the students are required to work on all problems and submit all the solutions.

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