UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies, University College London, 7th Annual International Postgraduate Conference

Inclusion Exclusion

16-18th February 2006

Finding the conference

The new building of the School of Slavonic and East European Studies is located in Taviton Street.

The School of Slavonic and East European Studies
16 Taviton Street

The nearest Underground stations are Euston, Euston Square and Russell Square.

(note: if you hold down the left mouse button on the map you can pan the map, zoom control in top left of map)

ALternatively take a look at GoogleMap or streetmap.co.uk, or the UCL site maps.

Travel within London

The website journeyplanner.tfl.gov.uk gives excellent information on all the modes of transport in the city as well as timetables.
The London Underground (tube) has its own website www.tfl.gov.uk/tube.

There are a number of ticket options available for both the Underground and the buses. All tickets are sold in the Underground stations and at many newspaper agents around the city. Agents will display a recognisable sign in their shop window. There are no discounts for students. Many bus drivers in Central London CANNOT sell you tickets. So, do not try to board a bus without a ticket. There are, however, vending machines at bus stops.

For the Underground, you can buy singles, returns or travel cards. The price of a return ticket is double that of a single ticket. Travel cards can be purchased for one day, a weekend, one week or longer. A one day travel card has the same price as a return ticket plus ca. 10% and gives you an unlimited number of journeys on that day. So, if you plan to make more than two trips in one day, it is worth buying one. A weekend travel card is like a one day travel card valid for two days. It is cheaper than buying two separate one day travel cards.

Note: London’s underground transport is divided into six zones and you need to decide at the time of purchase which zones you want to travel to. If unsure which ones to select, either take a look at the journey planner website above, ask station staff for advice or look at the maps displayed in the stations.

Tickets for buses are much cheaper than for the Underground. Again, you can buy singles and travel cards, but no returns. Newspaper agents can sell you a carnet of 10 tickets at a small discount. Travel cards for the Underground are also valid on buses, but bus tickets are not valid on the Underground!

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