UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies, University College London, 7th Annual International Postgraduate Conference

Inclusion Exclusion

16-18th February 2006

Audio Visual facilities

During the Conference we will in principle be able to offer the following Audio Visual facilities to all participants

Powerpoint presentations can be run from the UCL computer system, so there would be no need for you to bring a laptop. It would save time during the panels if you could email us the Powerpoint presentation by 13 February, so that we can load it on to the UCL system. However, presentations may also be brought on a USB key ('memory stick') or a CD/DVD.

All rooms are equipped with a DVD player (which also plays audio CDs), a VHS player, and an overhead projector (OHP) for transparencies. Two rooms also have a visualiser, which acts like an OHP but can also project printed material straight on to the screen. This is especially suitable for finely printed graphics or visual arts presentations.

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