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16-18th February 2006

Travel to central London

From the Airport to the City Centre

All airports are well connected with the city centre and there are signposts guiding you around.

From Heathrow Airport

The fastest and easiest method of transport into the centre of London is the Underground. Unless you are returning to the airport on the same day, you should buy a single ticket to the station you are going to. They are sold either over the counter or by the ticket machines in the station hall.

Alternatives routes are explained on the BAA Heathrow Airport website www.baa.com and at www.heathrow-airport-guide.co.uk/london.html

From Gatwick Airport 

Use this link for information on how to get from Gatwick Airport to the centre www.gatwick-airport-guide.co.uk/

From Stansted Airport


You can either go by train (called the Stansted Express) or by coach. Details can be found on the BAA Stansted website www.baa.com

If you decide to take the Stansted Express train, we strongly recommend that you buy your ticket before boarding the train. Tickets are always checked and they cost more if purchased after departure. Some budget airlines sell them on board the aircraft at reduced prices. They are excellent value for money, so buy them if you can! Return tickets are also much cheaper than two singles. Check out www.stanstedexpress.co.uk for further details.

For a cheaper option check out www.nationalexpress.com for the bus timetables. Cheaper bus companies are advertised in the arrival hall of the airport. So, look out for them when you get there. The bus takes 1.2 – 2 hours to reach the centre.

From Luton Airport

Use this link for information on how to get from Luton Airport to the centre www.london-luton.co.uk/ or www.luton-airport-guide.co.uk/london.html

Travel within the UK

Check out www.thetrainline.co.uk for information on train timetable and fares or www.gobycoach.com for the bus option. As a rule, trains are more expensive, but faster than buses.

By car route planner www.theaa.com.

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