UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies, University College London, 7th Annual International Postgraduate Conference

Inclusion Exclusion

16-18th February 2006

Saturday Conference Programme at a glance

10.00 - 11.30 Saturday 18th February 2006 Parallel Session H

- H1: Identity and Nation

Room 347

Chair: Felix Ciută (UCL - SSEES)

Raluca Soreanu (Central European University): ‘Exploring the space of identification: a tricolour story from the city of Cluj-Napoca

Eva Šlesingerová (Masaryk University, Brno): ‘"The other Czechs?": ethnic "otherness" and the liminal spaces of Czech nationhood

Catalina Guragata (Free University of Brussels): ‘What kind of nationalism for the Republic of Moldova?

- H2: The Media Representation of Exclusion

Room 433

Chair: Richard Butterwick (UCL - SSEES)

Renáta Sedláková (University of West Bohemia): ‘Media as a tool of social exclusion: an example of the presentation of pensioners and old age in the Czech media

Tatsiana Kanash (Graduate School for Social Research, Warsaw): ‘Poverty issues in Belarusian newspapers in 1995-2005: the official images and the opposition ones

Zita Farkas (Western University of Timişoara): ‘Coming out as a feminist: the game of exclusion/inclusion of feminism within the Hungarian written media discourse'

 - H3:Post-Communist Politics

Room 432

Chair: Sean Hanley (SSEES)

Daniel Bochsler (University of Geneva): ‘Electoral engineering and inclusion of ethnic groups: how to integrate ethnic minorities into central and eastern European institutions

James Krapfl (University of California, Berkeley): Excluding the People, Excluding Themselves: 1989 and the Czech Dissident Myth

12.00 - 1.30 Saturday 18th February 2006 Parallel Session J
- J1: Changing Identities

Room 432

Chair: Dessislava Dragneva (UCL - SSEES)

Robert Sata (Central European University): ‘Cultural Borrowing and European Identities in the Global and IT Age

Plamen Ralchev (University of National and World Economy, Sofia): ‘Understanding inclusion/exclusion of fractured identities and realigned "selves" in security discourse

Lauren E Ninoshvili (Columbia University): ‘Creative rituals of self-inclusion: women and the Georgian supra in New York City

- J2: Inclusion and Exclusion During World War II

Room 431

Chair: Richard Butterwick (UCL - SSEES)

Barbara Wiesinger (University of Salzburg): ‘The "right to fight"?: women partisans in the Yugoslav National Liberation Army, 1941-1945

Vanessa Voisin (Université Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne): 'Inclusive and exclusive policies in the Kalinin province in the aftermath of World War II, 1943-1950

Alexa Stiller (University of Hannover): ‘Defining the boundaries of Germaness: The „German People List“ in Occupied Poland, 1939-1945.)

- J3: Mothers and Wives

Room 347

Chair: Barbara Einhorn (University of Sussex)

Klará Janoušková (Masaryk University, Brno): ‘Transformation of the parental leave in the Czech Republic: careless mothers and heroes’

Elena Klimenko (Carlton University): ‘Women leadership: developments of women’s entrepreneurship in Russia

Lorena Anton (University of Bucharest): ‘Abortion and the making of the ‘socialist mother’ during Communist Romania

- J4: Music, Culture, and Nationhood

Room 433

Chair: Egbert Klautke (UCL - SSEES)

Catherine Baker (SSEES): ‘Politicized showbusiness in Croatia: constructing the nation through popular music and myth

Marija Grujić (Central European University): ‘Inclusiveness of the turbo folk music scene in post-Communist Serbia: transgression of cultural boundaries or a new model of cultural exclusions?


2.30 -4.00 Saturday 18th February 2006 Parallel Session K
- K1: Perceptions of the Nation in Russia and Ukraine

Room 433

Chair: Felix Ciută (UCL - SSEES)

Jason Vaughn (UCL - SSEES): ‘Russian public opinion in respect to the competition between nationalism and Islam in Russia’s Chechen conflict: what is considered more evil?

Alisa Voznaya (St Antony’s College, Oxford): ‘A Bid for Autonomy: The Implementation of Ethnonationalism in Tatarstan and Chechnya.'

Rasmus Nilsson (UCL - SSEES): ‘Security or self-definition?: Ukrainian perception of Self and Russian Other in the nuclear question

- K2: Regime and Government

Room 431

Chair: Sean Hanley (UCL - SSEES)

Anca Gheaus (Central European University): ‘Welfare, feminism and new patterns of exclusion in Romania

Mina Shoylekova (St Klement Ohridski University, Sofia): ‘The role of institutions in overturning social isolation in Bulgaria

Jérôme Heurtaux (Lille II University): ‘To be qualified… or not for doing politics: how the rules of inclusiveness and exclusiveness of the political field have been produced during regime change in Poland

- K3: Sexualities

Room 347

Chair: Martyn Rady (UCL - SSEES)

Irene Dioli (University of Bologna): ‘LGBT movements and queer culture in Serbia: between re-traditionalization and globalization

Hadley Z Renkin (University of Michigan/University of Latvia): ‘Skeletons in the national closet: sexuality, history and belonging in postsocialist Hungary

Ewa Rzanna (Przegląd Polityczny): ‘Paradoxes of normality: the gay rights debate in Poland in the aftermath of the EU accession

- K4: Literary Trends

Room 432

Chair: Betina Andersen (UCL - SSEES)

Anca Baicoianu (University of Bucharest): ‘Remembrance of things past: identity narrations in post-Communist literatures

Ondřej Sládek (Czech Academy of Sciences): ‘Czech literature and postmodernism: metamorphosis of stories

Bohumil Fořt (Czech Academy of Sciences): ‘Current directions in Czech literary theory: changing the canon?

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