Kate Luxion

Kate Luxion, MFA MPH LCCE is a non-binary/genderqueer postgraduate researcher studying at University College London with a focus on LGBTQ+ reproductive health and parenting. Their PhD project focuses on assessing the roles of resilience and vulnerability in birth outcomes. Luxion also serves as Executive Director of the Journal of Reproductive Justice, a non-profit organization whose aim is providing inclusive resources and education for LGBTQ+ individuals and the providers who serve them. When not researching or writing, they work teaching undergraduate coursework and can also be found working on art with their partner and kiddo.

URL for PhD project: http://www.homepages.ucl.ac.uk/~stnvkll/

URL for me: http://kateluxion.com/

URL for JORJ: https://journalofreproductivejustice.org/