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Perivascular nerves of mesenteric artery.


A small artery in the human brain, labelling for eNOS (red).


Local aneurism - mesenteric artery.


Artherosclerotic coronary artery.

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Vessel structure and cerebral endothelium

Endothelial vasoactive agents and receptors

Injured vessels, platelets and leukocytes

Perivascular nerves

Andrzej Loesch

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This website presents some issues relevant to cardiovascular research on the structure, function and significance of neural-vascular interaction in health and pathology. The focus is on the electron-immunocytochemical localisation of vasoactive agents, their synthetic enzymes or receptors in perivascular autonomic nerves, and vascular endothelium in physiological and pathophysiological circumstances.

Electron-immunocytochemistry is still one of the most powerful tools allowing identification of fine reactions of cells to trauma, and to observe the fine relationship between antigenic sites and subcellular organelles and structures.

For specific details of recent research projects, go to the Research page. Conferences, presentations and seminars are listed on the Conferences page. The Galleries display ultrastructural images: (1) vessel structure and cerebral endothelium, (2) the localisation of endothelial vasoactive agents and P2 receptor, (3) injured vessels, platelets and leukocytes, and (4) the perivascular nerves.