Vincent Sterk


Lecturer (Assistant Professor)

Department of Economics

University College London

Drayton House, Gower Street,

London WC1E 6BT, UK

Phone: +44 207 679 5877



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My research interests are  in Business Cycles, Monetary Policy, Firm Dynamics, Labor Markets, Housing Markets, and Inequality.


Working Papers


“The Nature of Firm Growth” with Ben Pugsley and Petr Sedlacek (2017).


“Macroeconomic Fluctuations with HANK and SAM: an Analytical Approach”, with Morten O. Ravn (2016).

Also available as CFM Discussion Paper 2016-33 and CEPR Discussion Paper 11696.


“The Dark Corners of the Labor Market”(2016).


“The Transmission of Monetary Policy Operations through Redistributions and Durable Purchases”, with Silvana Tenreyro (2013).



“Job Uncertainty and Deep Recessions”, with Morten O. Ravn, (2013) , previous version, forthcoming, Journal of Monetary Economics.


“The Growth Potential of Startups over the Business Cycle”, with Petr Sedlacek, (2013), forthcoming, American Economic Review. appendix. Earlier version.


“Home Equity, Mobility, and Macroeconomic Fluctuations”, (2015), Vol. 74, pp. 16-32, Journal of Monetary Economics.


“The Myth of Financial Innovation and the Great Moderation” (2011), Economic Journal, Vol. 121, Issue 335, pp. 707 (with Wouter den Haan).


“Credit Frictions and the Comovement between Durable and Non-durable Consumption” (2010), Journal of Monetary Economics, Vol. 57 (2), pp. 217-225.



Work in Progress

“Startups, Leverage and Productivity during a Financial Crisis‘’ , with Ralph de Haas, Neeltje van Horen, and Jasper de Winter.