Michela Maria Tincani


"Teacher Quality in Public and Private Schools Under a Voucher System: The Case of Chile" , Journal of Labor Economics , 2016, vol. 34, no. 2
(with J. Behrman, P. Todd and K. Wolpin)

Research papers:

"Teacher Labor Markets, School Vouchers and Student Cognitive Achievement: Evidence from Chile" , Resubmitted to Quantitative Economics

Heterogeneous Peer Effects in the Classroom" , R&R at Journal of Political Economy

Supplementary material

A previous version of this paper has appeared as HCEO Working Paper 2017-006 and CESifo WP 6331.

Most viewed Working Paper on the HCEO website over the 2 year period ending in August 2018. Featured in the HCEO Research Spotlight series.

Work in progress:

"Incentive Effects of Preferential Admissions: Evidence from a Policy Randomization" (with F. Kosse and E. Miglino)

Policy Report (with R. Cooper, J. Guevara, M. Rivera, A. Sanhueza)

Policy Note (with R. Cooper, A. Sanhueza)

"Peers and Rank" (with K. Mierendorff)

"Prosociality and Competition" (with F. Kosse and R. Rajan)

"Informational Constraints and College Enrollment among the Disadvantaged" (with A. Sanhueza and V. Signorini)

Articles Published in Edited Volumes (not peer reviewed):

"Voting", with A. Penta, J. Pogach, A. Sandroni and D. Selman, in Encyclopedia of Complexity and System Science, 2009, Springer