Michela Maria Tincani


"Teacher Quality in Public and Private Schools Under a Voucher System: The Case of Chile" , Journal of Labor Economics , 2016, vol. 34, no. 2
(with J. Behrman, P. Todd and K. Wolpin)

Research papers:

"Teacher Labor Markets, School Vouchers and Student Cognitive Achievement: Evidence from Chile" , R&R at Quantitative Economics

Heterogeneous Peer Effects in the Classroom"

Supplementary material

A previous version of this paper has appeared as HCEO Working Paper 2017-006 and CESifo WP 6331.

It was the most viewed Working Paper on the HCEO website over the 2 year period ending in August 2018. It was featured in the HCEO Research Spotlight series .

Work in progress:

"Explaining Experimental Evidence on Ability Peer Effects with a Theory of Rank Concerns" (with K. Mierendorff)

"Promoting Access to Higher Education: Evidence from the Randomization of a National Policy" (with Fabian Kosse, Enrico Miglino and Ranjita Rajan)

Articles Published in Edited Volumes (not peer reviewed):

"Voting", with A. Penta, J. Pogach, A. Sandroni and D. Selman, in Encyclopedia of Complexity and System Science, 2009, Springer