• Lectures

  • Condensed Matter Theory
    PHAS0059 (2017,2018)

    Mathematical Methods II
    PHAS0009 (2017,2018,2019)

    Quantum Phase Transitions
    SUPA CM-DTC Course
    @StAndrews (2010, 2012, 2013)

    Lagrangian & Hamiltonian Dynamics
    PH3073 @StAndrews (2011)

    Special Relativity
    PH2011/2A @StAndrews (2010, 2011, 2012)

  • PhD Students

    Elliot Christou, "Fluctuation-driven ordering phenomena near quantum criticality" (2015-)

    Steven Thomson, "Effects of disorder in strongly correlated quantum systems" (2012-2016)

  • MSci Students

    Trishita Paul, "Soliton confinement in anisotropic quantum spin chains" (2018/19)

    Kirsten Bark, "Geometric frustration and unusual phases in triangular-lattice Ising magnets" (2018/19)

    Harry Lane, "Soliton excitations in anisotropic quantum spin chains" (2017/18)

    Lisa Tse, "Quantum entanglement from free fermions to superconductors" (2016/17)

    Benjamin Jaderberg, "Entanglement entropies of Quantum Hall states" (2016/17)

    Ben Ackland-Snow, "Electronic Nematic states from Simple Models" (2015/16)

    Matt Barnes, "Entanglement entropies of fermions" (2015/16)

  • MPhys Students @StAndrews

    Gregor Maximilian Hannappel, "The Role Of Fluctuations Near A Charge Density Wave Quantum Critical Point" (2011)
    (Co-supervised with Prof. Andrew Green)

    Rory Gilmore, "Phase diagram of the Disordered Jaynes-Cummings Hubbard model" (2012)
    (Co-supervised with Dr. Jonathan Keeling)

    Steven Thomson, "Spin Density Wave Instabilities in 2D Electron Gases" (2012)

  • Summer Students @StAndrews

    Steven Thomson, "Nodal Surfaces of Wavefunctions Describing Critical Fermion Systems" (2011)
    (Funded by the Nuffield Foundation)

    Gytis Kulaitis, "Comparing theoretical approaches to modelling cold atoms in disordered optical lattices" (2012)
    (Funded by the Nuffield Foundation; Co-supervised with Dr. Jonathan Keeling)