The Fifth International Workshop for African Archaeobotany was held 3-5 July, 2006
at the Institute of Archaeology, University College London.






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Editing is currently underway with the conference proceedings. Our provisional outline looks something like this.

African Flora, Past Cultures and Archaeobotany
Eds. DQ Fuller and MA Murray

Part I. Gathered resources: foragers, wood fuels and the environmental impact

  • Murray & Fuller. Archaeobotanies of gathering in Africa: an introduction
  • Christine Scott - Seeds at Sibudu: a glimpse of Middle Stone Age vegetation at Sibudu Cave, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
  • Caroline Cartwright, John Parkington, and Richard Cowling - Understanding late and terminal Pleistocene vegetation change in the Western Cape: the wood charcoal evidence from Elands Bay Cave
  • Barbara Eichhorn & Katharina Neumann- Holocene environmental change and land use at Ounjougou, Mali
  • Louise Iles - The selection and use of plants within the Iron-production technologies of Buganda
  • Jacob Morales - Plant use in La Palma island (Canary Islands, Spain). An example of agriculture dissapearance on an isolated environment.

  • Part II. Agricultural beginnings: cultivation, domestication and early dispersal
  • Dorian Q Fuller, Ruth Pelling and Mary Anne Murray. Archaeobotany of the Neolithic in Northern and Central Africa: Progress and Prospects
  • Ruth Pelling – Patterns in the archaeobotany of Africa: Towards a database for the northern continent
  • M. Adebisi Sowumni. Humans and the mangrove in Southern Nigeria
  • S. Kahlheber, A. Höhn and K. Neumann. Plant Use in Southern Cameroon between 400 BC and AD 400.
  • Koen Bostoen – The Subsistence economy of early Bantu speech communities from a historical-linguistics point of view
  • Julius Bunny Lejju - Archaeobotanical evidence for Africa’s earliest banana? A discussion of the evidence [?]
  • Alexander Antonites & Annemari Raath - The state of paleoethnobotany in South Africa
  • Daphne Gallagher - [? Possible Contribution on a Malian site]
  • Ingrid Heijen - Archaeobotanical Research in Southern Malawi
  • Roger Blench. African agricultural tools: implications of synchronic ethnography for agrarian history
  • Christopher Ehret. Linguistic Evidence for the Origins of Food Production in Africa: Where have we got to?

III. Plants and political economy: Cash crops, perennials and the organization of production

  • Murray & Fuller. The Archaeobotany of complex societies in Africa: an overview
  • Mary Annne Murray- Assessing Ancient Egypt’s Agriculture: the contribution of a new database
  • Ahmed G. Fahmy, Sakuji Yoshimura & Nozomu Kawai – Archaeobotany of Middle Kingdom Cult Chambers at North Saqqara, Egypt.
  • Chris J. Stevens and Alan Clapham - Gardens, kitchens, animal pens, and flax-processing: The workmen's village at Tell el-Amarna
  • Dorian Fuller Agricultural innovation and State collapse in Meoroitic Nubia: The impact of the Savanna package
  • Mary Anne Murray and Sam Nixon - Essouk/Tadmakka: Plant remains from the Medieval Malian Sahara
  • Fuller and Pelling. Agricultural production and plant processing in a urban context: Medieval Volubilis, Morocco
  • Andrew Reid and Ceri Ashley - Islands of Agriculture on Lake Victoria


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