Welcome to the research page of Adam J. Clancy - Nanomaterials Chemist and Ramsay Memorial Fellow at the Department of Chemistry, University College London.

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My Research
My research revolves around using chemistry and chemical engineering to tackle the challenges of scaling the intrinsic properties of a wide range of nanomaterials for large scale application without sacrificing their intrinsic promise. From toughening previously strong-but-brittle composites, to removing co-synthesised impurities in a non-damaging fashion, to dissolving nanomaterials on the gram-scale, chemistry is the perfect handle to tackle issues in materials. My expertise is primarily in the nanocarbon allotropes and the use of charging methodologies, but my interests range from classic fibre composites, to inorganic layered compounds, to cellulose nanocrystals, to anti-icing surfaces, with plenty more in between.


About Me
I Graduated Cardiff University in 2011 (1st Class Hons) before moving to Imperial College London where I studied for my PhD under Prof. Milo Shaffer, graduating in 2016. I was awarded an EPSRC Doctoral Prize Fellowship in 2016 to continue my PhD work into negatively charged carbon nanotube processing, and upon finishing in 2017, I moved to UCL initially to the Institute for Materials Discovery, and now hold a Ramsay Memorial Fellowship at the Department of Chemistry.