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Follow the links below to catalogues of the Institute's plant reference collections.

Seed Collections

Seed Collections at the institute are numerous, and constantly expanding. They have an emphasis on the Old World, especially Eurasia,

Wood Collections

Phytoliths: old world reference collection. Version 1.2

  • Pollen: Northwest Europe


It is hoped in the future to incorporate links to online databases of archaeobotanical data from a range of parts of the Old World that have been or are under construction at the IoA.

Other archaeobotanical databases (external)

Helmut Kroll's Archaeobotanical Bibliography index, search by site and species as well as author. Predominantly Old World

Eastern Mediterranean archaeobotanical database at Tubingen (Simon Riehl et al.)

George Willcox's webpages: data and information on archaeobotany and early agriculture in the Near East
including an online Seed Atlas for the Near East




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