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Wood Collections

collections are listed below alphabetically by family within each collection. Catalogues can be downloaded as spreadsheets from Eleni Asouti's wood charcoal website

Cecilia A. Western wood and charcoal reference collection (this collection and the slides were donated to the Institute of Archaeology by Cecilia A. Western and include mainly species from Southwest Asia & Southeast Europe).

Institute of Archaeology wood slides reference collection (incorporates the C. A. Western collection of wood slides, and the Northern European collection compiled by Dr. Jon Hather).

South Indian wood reference collection (compiled by Dr. Eleni Asouti, it includes thin sections of fresh wood - not listed here, and wood blocks).

Pacific wood reference collection

British wood collection (compiled by Dr. Jon Hather, it includes fresh wood samples of tree and shrub taxa that are native to the British Isles - thin sectioned specimens are incorporated to the wood slides collection). [Catalogue not available]



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