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Research Areas


foraging, plant domestication, agricultural systems and past environments


Hunting, animal domestication, pastoral production


Site formation, landscape formation and past environments

Teaching in Environmental Archaeology


1012 [First Year option] Ancient Environments.

2009 Plants and Archaeology 0.5 units.  Dorian Fuller

2014 Animals and Archaeology. 0.5 units.  Louise Martin

2017 Geoarchaeology.  0.5 units.  Arlene Rosen

3042 Origins of Agriculture  0.5 units.  Dorian Fuller

3053 Livestock and Pastoralism in Archaeology. 0.5 units. Andrew Reid

Post-Graduate teaching in Environmental Archaeology

MSc/ MA.....New MSc in Environmental Archaeology
(starting 2008-09)
replacing the Palaeoecology of Human Societies

G180 [ new in 2008] Cultural Environments. 0.5 units. Arlene Rosen

G187 [new in 2008] Resources and Subsistence. 0.5 units. Dorian Fuller

G188 [new in 2008] Environmental Achaeology in Practice. 0.5 Units. Louise Martin

weathered bones on a desert surface weathered bones

G100 Interpreting Plant Remains: Understanding Archaeobotanical Evidence. 0.5 units. [phasing out in 2008] Dorian Fuller

G101 Archaeobotanical Analysis in Practice. 0.5 units.  Dorian Fuller

G104 Geoarchaeology: Methods and Concepts 1. 0.5 units. Arlene Rosen

G105 Geoarchaeology: Methods and Concepts 2. 0.5 units Arlene Rosen

MG 102 Archaeological Soils and Micromorphology I. 0.5 units Richard MacPhail

Mg103 Archaeological Soils and Micromorphology II. 0.5 units Richard MacPhail

G182 Languages, Genetics and Archaeology. 0.5 units. Dorian Fuller

G189 [New in 2008] Zooarchaeology. 0.5 units. Louise Martin

.zooarchaeology teaching
pracitcal learning in the Zooarchaeology laboratory

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