Community statement

Welcome to the official website of the first Early Career Researchers in Mathematics (ECRM)! ECRM is the continuation of the annual conference series Young Researchers in Mathematics (YRM), which was hosted by PhD students in mathematics from a different university each year. This is one of the first in-person pan-mathematics students-run conferences in mathematics since the start of the pandemic.

We will work to ensure that all participants feel that they are in a safe, comfortable, and inclusive environment that promotes discussions and encourages asking questions. The conference aims at bringing together students from across the country so that we can all learn from each other and strengthen our sense belonging to the mathematical community. We hope to facilitate an environment where some of us can become lifelong colleagues and friends.

The UCL mathematics department has a strong, active Women in Mathematics group who work to promote and support female and gender-expansive mathematicians. Our department has been awarded the Athena Swan Silver twice due to its ongoing equality, diversity, and inclusion efforts. We have taken help and advice from the Women in Mathematics group and Departmental Athena Swan Committee, where we note that one of their members is also co-organising this conference.

ECRM is the perfect opportunity to give talks about your maths, whether it be introductory or your own results. We also invite you to the plenary talks, which showcase a wide range of mathematics happening in the UK now. We have worked hard to bring together an excellent panel of speakers representing diverse fields of pure and applied mathematics in academia as well as industry.

Whether your are a master student or in the final year of your PhD, this is the conference for you!

If you have any additional questions, please send an email to the organizing committee at