LaTeXML (homepage) was developed for the DLMF (the online Abramowitz and Stegun). There is a tool latexml which converts .tex to an xml representation and another tool latexmlpost which converts the xml file to html5 and uses MathML for the math content. MathML equations are tagged with their latex source as alt text.

The github repo shows that it is under active development: in the last month there were 14 pull requests merged, 10 issues closed. The latest official release was 0.8.3 in July 2018.

Here is the output.


latexml --dest=output.xml input.tex
latexmlpost --dest=output.html output.xml


Nearly everything works well:

  • images
  • equation numbering and references
  • section numbering and table of contents
  • double primes
  • marginpars
  • qedhere
  • http links
  • em-dash and en dashes

There’s just one big drawback: Firefox aside, modern browsers don’t render MathML. That’s easily fixed by adding

<script src=""></script>

inside the <head>...</head> part of the html output.

This is easily the best result so far.

A much better and more in-depth description of how to get good results with latexml is given in this blog post by Andy Tonks and Julia Goedecke. Here are their example notes.

For personal reference, the commands I use are

latexml main.tex --dest=html/main.xml
cd html
latexmlpost main.xml --dest=main.html --split --splitat=section --navigationtoc=context --javascript="" --css=LaTeXML-navbar-left.css  --css=normalize.css --urlstyle=file

with my modified css files in the html directory.