Dr.A. Emmanouilidou

Attosecond and Free-Electron-Laser Science Theory Group

Professor Agapi Emmanouilidou
Department of Physics and Astronomy, University College London

Dr.A. Emmanouilidou I investigate the interaction of intense and ultra-short laser pulses with atoms and molecules. My research addresses Attosecond and Strong-Field phenomena that are triggered by near-infrared and mid-infrared laser pulses in atoms and molecules. To address these processes I develop state-of-the-art semiclassical non-mainstream techniques. These techniques are very accurate and moreover offer a physical picture of the mechanisms underlying these processes. Currently, with my group, we explore the break-up of complex molecular systems where both the electron and nucleus motion is accounted for. We explore the electron-electron interaction as well as the electron-nucleus interaction in ionization processes.

Moreover, over the last few years, with my group, I develop quantum-mechanical techniques to address the cascade of photo-ionization and Auger processes encounterd in the interaction of Free-Electron Laser pulses with atoms and molecules. The intriguing aspect of the interaction with FEL pulses is that the laser boils away the electrons from the inside out.

A fascinating aspect of my group's work is that our computational and theoretical tools allow us to predict new phenomena but also to explain experimental results and guide future experiments. We collaborate very closely with world leading experimental groups.

Prof. Agapi Emmanouilidou is the Chair of the organizing committee of the seminar series "Frontiers of Ultafast Science UK".
This seminar series takes place across Universities and Laboratories in the U.K.

Dr.A. Emmanouilidou

A Ph.D position in theoretical studies of interaction of molecules with free-electron lasers or in interaction of molecules with attosceond and strong laser pulses is available in our group starting September 2020. If interested, please e-mail Prof. A. Emmanouilidou at ucapaem@ucl.ac.uk.

Artist:Sofia Emmanouilidou
Artist: Sofia Emmanouilidou