Petros Dellaportas

Petros Dellaportas has a joint appointment as a professor in Statistical Science in the department of Statistical Science, University College London and as a professor of Statistics in the department of Statistics, Athens University of Economics and Business. He is also a Turing fellow of the Alan Turing Institute.

Research interests : Bayesian theory and applications, financial modelling, machine learning.

Professor Dellaportas' Google Scholar profile is here.

Recent articless:

Panos, A., Dellaportas P. and Titsias M. (2018) Fully Scalable Gaussian Processes using Subspace Inducing Inputs.

Hirt, M. and Dellaportas P. (2018) Scalable Bayesian Learning for State Space Models using Variational Inference with SMC Samplers.

Alexopoulos A., Dellaportas P. and Forster J.J. (2018) Bayesian forecasting of mortality rates using latent Gaussian models. To appear in the Journal of Royal Statistical Society-Series A.

Dellaportas P., Plataniotis A. and Titsias M. Scalable inference for a full multivariate stochastic volatility model.

Dellaportas, P. and Tsionas MG (2017). Importance sampling from posterior distributions using copula-like approximations. To appear in the Journal of Econometrics.

Finke, Axel, Ruth King, Alexandros Beskos, and Petros Dellaportas. "Efficient sequential Monte Carlo algorithms for integrated population models." arXiv preprint arXiv:1708.04221 (2017).

Owen JL Rackham, Sarah R Langley, Thomas Oates, Eleni Vradi, Nathan Harmston, Prashant K Srivastava, Jacques Behmoaras, Petros Dellaportas, Leonardo Bottolo, and Enrico Petretto. A Bayesian Approach for Analysis of Whole-Genome Bisulfite Sequencing Data Identifies DiseaseAssociated Changes in DNA Methylation (2017). Genetics 205.4, 1443ñ-1458.

Next Greek Stochastics conference:

Greek Stochastics κ : Statistical learning, Athens, Greece, 19-22 December 2018. Lectures by Francois Caron, Arthur Gretton and Gergely Neu

Last Greek Stochastics conference:

Greek Stochastics ι : Model determination, Milos, Greece, 14-17 July 2017. Lectures by David Rossell, Judith Rousseau and Dimitris Politis

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