Rglimclim: A multisite, multivariate weather generator based on generalised linear models

This package is designed to fit and simulate Generalised Linear Models to daily climate sequences from a network of sites (e.g. weather stations, or model grid nodes). The programs can be used to analyse historical data, and to provide simulations of future climate scenarios, for example to provide input to climate change impact assessment studies.

The package runs under R, which is freely available from the CRAN link at http://www.R-project.org. It runs under any operating system that can run R. The package is supplied as a precompiled binary distribution for Windows users, and as a source package for other operating systems. Download the latest version for your operating system here:

Date Version Windows binary Source package
3rd August 2020 1.4-0 Rglimclim_1.4-0.zip Rglimclim_1.4-0.tar.gz
9th May 2019 1.3-7 Rglimclim_1.3-7.zip Rglimclim_1.3-7.tar.gz
9th August 2018 1.3-6 Rglimclim_1.3-6.zip Rglimclim_1.3-6.tar.gz
18th October 2017 1.3-5 Rglimclim_1.3-5.zip Rglimclim_1.3-5.tar.gz
20th December 2016 1.3-4 Rglimclim_1.3-4.zip Rglimclim_1.3-4.tar.gz
21st November 2016 1.3-3 Rglimclim_1.3-3.zip Rglimclim_1.3-3.tar.gz
24th October 2016 1.3-2 Rglimclim_1.3-2.zip Rglimclim_1.3-2.tar.gz
10th June 2015 1.3-1 Rglimclim_1.3-1.zip Rglimclim_1.3-1.tar.gz
30th October 2014 1.3-0 Rglimclim_1.3-0.zip Rglimclim_1.3-0.tar.gz
14th October 2014 1.2-4 Rglimclim_1.2-4.zip Rglimclim_1.2-4.tar.gz
11th March 2014 1.2-3 Rglimclim_1.2-3.zip Rglimclim_1.2-3.tar.gz
6th March 2014 1.2-2 Rglimclim_1.2-2.zip Rglimclim_1.2-2.tar.gz
28th February 2014 1.2-1 Rglimclim_1.2-1.zip Rglimclim_1.2-1.tar.gz
30th January 2014 1.2-0 Rglimclim_1.2-0.zip Rglimclim_1.2-0.tar.gz
14th November 2013 1.1-0 Rglimclim_1.1-0.zip Rglimclim_1.1-0.tar.gz
30th October 2013 1.0-2 Rglimclim_1.0-2.zip Rglimclim_1.0-2.tar.gz
19th October 2013 1.0-1 Rglimclim_1.0-1.zip Rglimclim_1.0-1.tar.gz
8th October 2013 1.0-0 Rglimclim_1.0-0.zip Rglimclim_1.0-0.tar.gz


To install the package:
Under Windows:
Download the appropriate zip archive from the link above, and save it to your computer. Start up R, ensuring that you have administrative privileges (you may need to right-click on the R desktop icon and select "Run as administrator"). Then, from the Packages menu, select Install package(s) from local zip files: the installation process should be straightforward from here.

Under Unix:
The package must be compiled from its source code which is supplied as a compressed tarball. Download and save this from the link above. Next, open a terminal and navigate to the directory where you saved the tarball. The package can now be installed from the Unix prompt using
R CMD INSTALL --html --clean Rglimclim
You will need administrative privileges for this. Precise details are implementation-dependent (use sudo on Ubuntu systems, for example).

The command above will ensure that HTML help files are installed and that the installation cleans up after itself. To see the other installation options that are available, type R CMD INSTALL --help.

Other operating systems:
Users of other operating systems should build the package from the tarball. If unsure how to do this, read the R documentation (start up R, type help.start() and follow the `R Installation and Administration' link).

Getting started

Once the package is installed, it can be loaded within R by typing require(Rglimclim) at the prompt. For an overview of the package, type help("Rglimclim-package"). This should bring up a help page in a web browser (if it doesn't, type help("Rglimclim-package",help_type="html")). this help page gives a brief overview of the package; at the bottom is a link to the PDF package manual, which should be the starting point for all new users. In particular, Chapter 5 of the manual provides a worked example to demonstrate the capabilities of the software.


When using Rglimclim in published work, please acknowledge it by citing the following paper: This paper provides an overview of the methodology. In addition, the PDF package manual contains an extensive appendix detailing the theory underlying the software package. Parts of this theory have been published elsewhere, including in the following references:

Case studies

Rglimclim and its predecessor (see below) have been used in several case studies. The publications below include some that I'm aware of. If you have used it and would like your paper to be listed here, please email me!.


Rglimclim evolved from the earlier Glimclim suite of programs written in Fortran 77. It provides considerably enhanced functionality, including multivariate modelling and an array of graphical procedures for examining fitted models and simulation performance. Glimclim is now defunct, therefore. Nonetheless, for its users the final version can be downloaded from here.
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