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This page contains various bits and bobs related to my work life - mainly computer software, data sets, lecture notes from presentations and short courses. If for some strange reason you're interested in my publications, look here. Most of my research is in the area of modelling and inference for problems arising in the environmental sciences, particularly hydrology and climatology: the software below is mostly for these application areas. A few routines (for example those for random number generation) may be of more general interest.

My book with Marian Scott on environmental trend analysis was published in April 2011 by Wiley - home page is here

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      Lecture notes

    No, not for my UCL teaching stuff. If you're a student hoping to snaffle the lecture notes for the last 47 classes because you overslept, you won't have any joy here. I'd apologise for that if I was sorry, but I'm not.

    Notes available:

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     Data sets

    The data sets provided here have been used to illustrate methodologies in some of my research. Other people may also find them useful. NB further data sets can be found with the lecture notes above.
    European wind speed data (8.3Mb zip archive)
    This data set relates to daily wind speed at 120 European locations, for the period 1958-1998. Also provided are annual values of 21 different indices of large-scale climate over this period, which may (or may not!) affect wind speed in Europe. These data have been analysed by Yan et al (2002), Chandler and Bate (2007) and Yan et al (2006). Definition files required to replicate these analyses using GLIMCLIM are also included in the distribution here.

    The zip archive expands to around 40Mb when uncompressed. The file README.txt (contained within the archive) gives further details.

    Annual maximum temperatures at Oxford and Worthing (12Kb zip archive)
    This archive contains a data file of annual maximum temperatures at Oxford and Worthing (England), for the period 1901 to 1980. It also contains some routines written in R (see for modelling these using generalised extreme value (GEV) distributions, following the methodology developed in Chandler and Bate (2007). The file README.txt (contained within the archive) gives further details.

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