UCL Junior Geometry Seminar


We are a group of students at UCL (and also Imperial, KCL, and Cambridge) who gather around usually at 4pm on Tuesdays at Room 500, Department of Mathematics at UCL to have a friendly seminar in which we learn various aspects of Geometry and improve our presentation skills. Anyone interested in our seminar is welcome to join, irrespective of background (indeed we do vary a lot in background). Please send an email to Alex (a.cioba.12_AT_ucl.ac.uk) or Yoshi (yoshinori.hashimoto.12_AT_ucl.ac.uk) to be on our email list, if you'd like to join us.


Upcoming talks:

NB: We are currently running a reading session based on Milnor-Stasheff's Characteristic Classes. We are always open to suggestions, so please do let us know of any topic that you would like to learn (or talk) about. Any volunteer to give a talk will be highly appreciated.


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Past talks:



Seminar archive: 2012-2013, 2013-2014.


Members: Senja Barthel, Thomas Begley, Grego Benincasa, Bjorn Berntson, Michael Betancourt, Sam Brown, Alex Cioba, Martin de Borbon, Fyodor Gainullin, Yoshi Hashimoto, Thomas Hockenhull, Julian Hodgeson, Maryam Anabelle Santiago Jamil, Niko Laaksonen, Sam Livingstone, Marco Marengon, Kim Moore, Jamil Nadim, Raul Sanchez Galan, Tobias Sodoge, Apimook Watcharangkool.

Following more senior members kindly support the Seminar: Dr Jacqui Espina, Dr Jonny Evans, Dr Jason Lotay, Dr Oldrich Spacil.


Added: This website is maintained by Yoshi Hashimoto. I welcome your comments and suggestions for our website, particularly at this formative stage. Please send them to yoshinori.hashimoto.12_AT_ucl.ac.uk.