15/12/14: Here are the notes from my talk at the Harris conference at MSRI in December 2014. It contains some new ideas (joint with David Loeffler) on the theory of Euler systems, extending conjectures of Perrin-Riou. Here is the recipe for the cake I made for Michael.

20/08/14: Here are the notes of a talk I gave in Essen in June 2014; they contain an overview of the main results in my papers with Guido Kings, Antonio Lei and David Loeffler on Euler systems for Rankin-Selberg convolutions of modular forms.

18/08/14: Tim and Vladimir Dokchitser, David Loeffler and I are organizing a conference in honour of John Coates' 70th birthday. The conference will take place in Cambridge, March 25 - 27, 2015. To attend, please register here.

27/08/12: I have finally added a page on how to correctly pronouce my surname (and how NOT to pronouce it).

Here is John Coates' family tree (in .ps - here in .pdf), which Vladimir and Tim Dokchitser and I compiled for John's 60th birthday. (I would like to emphasize that the tree will not be updated regularly!)

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