I am an applied mathematician who generally tries to direct my research to problems in fluid dynamics (particularly geophysical fluids). My current position is as Professor of Applied Mathematics at University College London. I am always (well, nearly always...) very pleased to hear from anyone interested in my research, please contact me if you want to know more. There may be opportunities to work with me as a PhD student or postdoc.

I am also the current organiser of the Dynamics of Rotating Fluids Meeting (DRF). This is a bi-annual one-day meeting, organised in UCL on the first Friday in January by myself, and in September in Oxford by Paul Dellar and Peter Read. ***NEW The next meeting is on 5th January 2018, and will have a theme `Fluid dynamics of the giant planets' (see below). PhD students and junior researchers are especially welcome to speak at this meeting. Please contact me if you would like to be added to the mailing list.

From mid-2017 onwards the UK fluids network Special Interest Group (SIG) "Multi-scale processes in geophysical fluid dynamics" will meet at the DRF, and it is intended that (part of) the meetings will have a SIG-related theme with associated invited speakers.

Finally, I am a founding member of the EPSRC-funded network Maths Foresees, which will run between 2015-2018, and aims to bring together mathematicians and environmental scientists to focus on problems related to mitigating severe environmental events.

Research interests

  • Methods of statistical physics applied to fluid dynamics
  • Atmospheric transport modelling, particularly stochastic trajectory modelling
  • Nonlinear waves in fluids and their generation by topography
  • Instabilities and turbulence in geophysical fluid dynamics
  • Vortex dynamics and stratospheric sudden warmings