Tim Button. Fun fact about me: I'm Isaac Newton's Doktorur-15-enkel, and Galileo Galilei's Doktorur-18-enkel.

I am an Associate Professor of Philosophy at UCL, and Head of Department.

I mostly work on logic, mathematics, language, and metanphysics for n > 0. Right now, I am thinking about solipsism and the self, theoretical equivalence, types, and sets.

Here are some short words about some things I like.

Sean Walsh and I published Philosophy and Model Theory in 2018 (here is a pop-exposition). I published The Limits of Realism in 2013. I have made some open education resources. I am an associate editor of MIND.

You can email me at .

This is my main site. I have less well maintained profiles at arXiv, google scholar, ORCID, & PhilPapers. (I have given up maintaining my academia & SocArXiv profiles.)