Professor Sofia Charlotta Olhede

Professor Department of Statistical Science

Honorary Professor Department of Computer Science

Honorary Research Associate Department of Mathematics


ERC Consolidator Fellow


University College London



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Professor Sofia Olhede

Department of Statistical Science

University College London

Gower Street, London WC1E 6BT
United Kingdom


Visiting Address:

Professor Sofia Olhede

Department of Statistical Science

University College London

1-19 Torrington Place, London WC1E 7HB


Algorithms in Society


I have an interest in how data and algorithms are impacting our daily lives. I serve on a Law Society Public Policy Commission on Algorithms in the Justice system. In October 2017 I organized a Royal Society discussion meeting on Algorithms in Society, and a special issue will be forthcoming. I have been part of the Royal Society committee on Machine Learning, as well as the British Academy and Royal Society committee on data governance. I have also been involved with the IEEE project on ethically aligned design.


I also write popular science articles about the impacts of data science:

S. Olhede and P. Wolfe, Quo Vadis Data Science? IMS Bulletin, p 10, vol 46, issue 8, 2017.

S. Olhede & P. Wolfe. 2018. The AI Spring of 2018. Significance,15(2), 6—7.

S. Olhede & P. J. Wolfe. 2017. When algorithms go wrong, who is liable? Significance, 14(6), 8–9.

S. Olhede & R. Rodrigues. 2017. Is data a commodity?, Significance , 14(5), 10–11.

S. Olhede & R. Rodrigues. 2017. The computer ate my personality, Significance, 14(3), 6–7.

S. Olhede & R. Rodrigues. 2017. Fairness and transparency in the Age of the Algorithm, Significance , 14(2), 8–9.


Data Science


I work in the area of data science. Excitement about data science is now pervasive in our daily lives. Data is collected ubiquitously, and from every aspect of our lives. The techniques and methods we use to understand the new types of observations need revitalizing, and our understanding of ethical behavior revisiting. My main area of research is network analysis, where I study the analysis of large and heterogeneous networks.

Theory of Data science: see

Future of Statistics report:

Scoping data science:


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Technical talks:

Talk on Whittle Likelihood May 1st 2014 

Talk on nonstationary processes January 15th 2014

Talk on harmonizable processes September 7th 2011

Talk on financial time series 20th June 2008

Talk on medical imaging 6th March 2008


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