Workshop: Geometric Measure Theory and Applications, UCL, 25-27 July 2022.

Geometry seminars:

B.O.W.L., an online geomety seminar that I am co-organising with colleagues from Brussels (ULB), Oxford, Warwick and London (Imperial, Queen Mary, UCL). The seminar is meeting (virtually) three times in Spring 2022 (Tuesdays at 14:00 UK time).

London Geometric Analysis Reading Seminar, an informal reading seminar on topics in geometric analysis, attended by researchers at King's, Queen Mary, Imperial and UCL, as well as Cambridge, Oxford and ULB (Brussels). I co-organize this seminar with Jason Lotay, Huy The Nguyen, Michael Singer, Felix Schulze, Joel Fine, Lorenzo Foscolo. In Spring 2022 the seminar meets virtually on Thursdays 9am-10am UK time.

UCL Geometry seminar, a hybrid seminar organised by our UCL Geometry and Topology group. The seminar meets on Wednesdays at 3pm.

Other seminars relevant to my interests, organized by members of the UCL Geometry and Topology group or UCL Analysis group:

Brussels-London Geometric Analysis Seminar, a seminar series held jointly by Geometry groups in Brussels (ULB), London (UCL, Queen Mary, King's and Imperial) and Oxford; the seminar meets twice per term (the venue alternates between London and Brussels). Currently suspended.

UCL Colloquium, usually on Tuesday at 4pm, three times per term.

London Analysis and Probability seminar, jointly organized by (and alternately held at) UCL, Queen Mary, King's and Imperial, with meetings on Thursdays at 3pm.

Paris-London Analysis Seminar, organized by analysts in the London or Paris area, with four meetings per year.

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