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The New Bellary Museum

The efforts of team members in raising awareness concerning the plight of prehistoric sites in the archaeologically-rich Bellary District has led to plans to build a new museum in the town of Bellary. The South Deccan Prehistory Project team members would like to express their sincere gratitude to the government for recognizing the importance of the preservation and exhibition of the region’s heritage.

We are also grateful to the local media for publicizing the destruction of sites in the region, and working with us to raise awareness of their destruction.


While being interviewed by journalists, Kevin Cunningham 'plays'ancient musical stones at Sanganakallu-Kupgal while Professor Ravi Korisettar explains their significance to local reporters.

See the report in The Hindu newspaper:
Sangankal museum earns praise



Below: Building to house the new prehistory museum in Bellary.



Updated: 16 May 2010