The Bellary District Archaeological

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New Project: SEALINKS - Bridging Continents Across the Sea

Other South Indian Neolithic webpages

Ashmounds of South India: Photo Gallery

Archaeobotanical and settlement survey, South Indian Neolithic

The Region in Later Periods

Information on the monuments of Hampi/Vijayanagara


Other South Asian archaeology websites

The British Museum Asia Links

Society for South Asian Studies

Ancient India and Iran Trust

Discover India Gallery


also there is a free UNESCO e-book on the site of Mohenjodaro [pdf]

Ancient India in the EMuseum of Minnesota State University

Table of Contents of Man and Environment journal
Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies
in History and Archaeology (Allahabad)

Early Indian Petroglyphs project of G. Kumar and R. G. Bednarik.

The Rock Art Society of India & journal Pukala

Photo gallery of Indian archaeological monuments (from Mike Gunther)

South Asian Residual Vocabulary Assemblage (historical linguistics)
for more links relating to historical linguistics, see here

Other links

Prehistoria Activa, an online teaching device from University of Barcelona

DQ Fuller's Archaeobotanical web resources for teaching & research
and links for historical linguistics

A virtual tour of Nubian Archaeology