Martin Cripps

Some Recent Completed Papers

 Martin W. Cripps, Jeffrey C. Ely, George J. Mailath and Larry Samuelson (2008) “Common Learning” Econometrica vol. 76, (4), 909-933. pdf file

Martin W. Cripps (2008) New Palgrave Entry on Reputation





Some Past Papers

 Martin W. Cripps, George J. Mailath and Larry Samuelson (2007) “Disappearing Private Reputations” Journal of Economic Theory, vol.132, 287-316. pdf file

 M. W. Cripps and J. M. Swinkels (2006) "Efficiency of Large Double Auctions,"

            Econometrica,  vol. 74, 47-92. pdf file

G. Keller, S. Rady and M. W. Cripps (2005) "Strategic Experimentation with Exponential Bandits," 

            Econometrica, vol. 73, 39-68. pdf file

 M. W. Cripps, E.  Dekel and W. Pesendorfer (2005) "Reputation with Equal Discounting in Repeated Games with Strictly Conflicting Interests,"

            Journal of Economic Theory, vol. 121, 259-272. pdf file   

 M. W. Cripps, G. J. Mailath and L. Samuelson (2004) “Imperfect Monitoring and Impermanent Reputations,”

            Econometrica, vol. 72, 407-432.  pdf file

 M. W. Cripps and J. P. Thomas (2003) “Some Asymptotic Results in Discounted Repeated Games of One-Sided Incomplete Information,”

            Mathematics of Operations Research, vol. 28, 433-462.  pdf file

 M. W. Cripps and N.J. Ireland (2001): "Optimal Complementary Auctions,"

            Bulletin of Economic Research, vol. 53, 81-100.  pdf file

 M. W. Cripps (1998): "Markov Bargaining Games,"

            Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control vol. 22, 341-355. pdf file

 M. W. Cripps (1997): "Bargaining and the Timing of Investment,"

            International Economic Review, vol. 38, 527-546.pdf file

 M. W. Cripps & J.P. Thomas (1997): "Reputation and Perfection in Repeated Common Interest Games,"

            Games and Economic Behavior, vol. 18, 141-158.pdf file

 M. W. Cripps, K. M. Schmidt, & J. P. Thomas (1996): "Reputation in Perturbed Repeated Games,"

            Journal of Economic Theory, 69, 387-410. pdf file

 M. W. Cripps & J. P. Thomas (1995): "Reputation and Commitment in Two-Person Repeated Games without Discounting,"

            Econometrica , vol. 63, 1401-1420.pdf file

 M. W. Cripps (1995): “Extreme Correlated and Nash Equilibria in Two-Person Games dvi file

 M. W. Cripps (1999) Capital Market Risk and the Dynamics of the Income Distribution


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