Professor Lars Stixrude
Research Teaching Publications CV

Courses Taught at University of Michigan

GEOSCI 113 Planets and Moons
GEOSCI 115 Geologic Time
GEOSCI 157 History of Earth Science
GEOSCI/GEOG 201 Introductory Geography: Earth System Science
GEOSCI 232 Earth Materials
GEOSCI 426 Mineral Physics
GEOSCI 525 Tectonophysics

Courses Taught at University College London

GEOL 3037 Deep Earth and Planetary Modelling

Workshops and Short Courses

Short Course on Mineral Physics: University of Milan, Feburary 2007
Year 12 Master Class on Earthquakes, University College London, June, 2010
Short Course: University of Rome 3, March, 2013