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Simple morphotype index

Please note: this index system is currently under development, and the taxa listed below and images do NOT represent a comprehensive set. This is a test set for site development.

Institructions: Click on morpotype image category below to generate taxa list at right.
Then select taxa to open images in a POP-UP viewing window. For best viewing you should arrange both windows on separate sides of your desktop. As shown in this screen shot
To return to taxa list return to original window. (Note: the "return to index" tab in the pop-up window will open the master taxonomic index.

Compound Undulations
simple, high amplitude, convex
Simple, medium amplitude,
wide, convex
Lobed, medium, convex
Irregular, flattened, medium amplitude, thick-walled regular, flattened, low amplitude,
bilobes & crosses
bulliforms/ keystones

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