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Geoarchaeology Research Site formation, landscape formation and past environments
Staff Projects

View over Pre-Pottery Neolithic village at Beidha in Jordan (Photo: A. Garrard)

  • Dr. Richard MacPhail, Senior Research fellow, works widely for research projects and commercial archaeology projects on soil micromoprhology, including recent work in UK, Europe, the Horn of Africa, the USA and the Near and Far East.

Sampling for micromophology: Yangshao sedimenta, Huizui, Henan Province, China (Richard MacPhail)

Scan of a thin section from above.

Current PhD Research Projects

Phytoliths and the use of space at Catal Hoyuk... Phillippa Ryan

Vegetation, Agriculture and Social Change in Late Neolithic central China: a phytolith investigation... Alison Weisskopf

Phytolith analyses on Santonrini... Lefteris Zorzos

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Recent PhD Research Projects

An investigation of the pedosedimentary characteristics of deposits associated with managed livestock...J.L. Heathcote (2002)

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Recent MSc Research Projects

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Teaching in environmental archaeology  




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