Razvan Valentin Marinescu

PhD student at University College London

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Education: 2010-2014 Imperial College, London

Imperial MEng Thesis, 2014: "On a new signature that quantifies topological structure in biological and economic networks". Project source code and network data available here

* A Vertex Clustering Model for Disease Progression: Application to Cortical Thickness Images Razvan V. Marinescu, Arman Eshaghi, Marco Lorenzi, Alexandra L. Young, Neil P. Oxtoby, Sara Garbarino, Timothy J. Shakespeare, Sebastian J. Crutch and Daniel C. Alexander, for the Alzheimers Disease Neuroimaging Initiative

* TADPOLE Challenge: Prediction of Longitudinal Evolution in Alzheimer's Disease, Razvan V. Marinescu, Neil P. Oxtoby, Alexandra L. Young, Esther E. Bron, Arthur W. Toga, Michael W. Weiner, Frederik Barkhof, Nick C. Fox, Stefan Klein, Daniel C. Alexander, the EuroPOND Consortium, arXiv, 2018