Paul R Barber Senior Research Fellow
Comprehensive Cancer Centre
King's College London

Honorary Senior Research Fellow
UCL Cancer Institute
University College London


I am a scientific programmer and advanced microscopy expert with over 20 years’ experience working on and leading multi-disciplinary biomedical projects.

Research Interests


The use of machine learning to form multivariate models that can be used to form risk signatures and predict patient survival, prognosis and response to treatments. Analysis of multi-modal data. Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging (FLIM) detection and data processing for Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET) measurements of key protein dimer interactions in cells and tissues. Automated microscopy, image analysis and processing for high-content microscopy and digital pathology.

Current Highlights

At KCL we have been exploiting multi-modal data to form biomarker signatures and they may form specific blood tests for cancer diagnosis or to inform treatment decisions. See our recent publication in eLife. Ongoing Clinical Trials: LungExoDetect, HERD, HERDi Predict

TRI2, the software for analysing fluorescence lifetime images has supassed 100 citations and acknowledgements in publications! See the page of citations here.

In collaboration with Tony Ng and his group and Ton Coolen I am working to combine FLIM/FRET measurements of dimer interactions from patient samples with immune cell signatures and clinical data to predict patient outcome. Machine learning helps us to stratify patients for a personalised response to treatment. See our publication in JNCI on the detection and exploitation of the HER2-HER3 dimer in colorectal cancer.

In collaboration with Simon Ameer-Beg and Simon Poland we are developing the next generation of FLIM systems, called SWARM, to speed up dimer interaction profiling in patient samples and to move from single regions of interest to whole slide imaging. I am developing software to correct and align time resolved data from different pixels of SPAD arrays.

FLIMJ UI In collaboration with Kevin Eliceiri and Curtis Reuden, UW Madison, we are working to make SLIM Curve a valuable open source project for lifetime fitting of FLIM data. It is already core to TRI2 and the SWARM acquisition pipeline. See our recent publication in JNCI.

Technical Skills

Microscopy, Imaging, Computer Programming, Laser physics, Instrument control, C (LabWindows/CVI, Glib, GTK+), Python, R, Computing, Multivariate Analysis, Image and signal processing and algorithm development and coding.


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