Johns London Pub Page

This is a new page that accesses my ever increasing Pub related records. Listing such establishments is apparently quite appropriate to my anal-retentive nature!

The first link is the list I have been maintaining for sometime now and is just a list of all the pubs in Greater London that I have been to. More information is available on the page itself. You can get to the page here, but be warned, it is quite large, about 150K in size.
The second link is a much newer page that I have been working on for the last few months, and will probably be so for a lot longer! It is a list of all the pubs that have appeared in various beer and pub guides that I have on my shelves at home. It is a major undertaking, and the page is growing in size. You can access the page here, and the current size is about 200K.
Other pages will be linked in here as necessary. I have a few lists that are currently in Microsoft Word format, and as I convert them to HTML, they will appear here.

List of pubs in London N1. Withdrawn, pending future developments.

List of Firkin pubs in Greater London. Withdrawn, following the Punch Taverns take over.

All the Wetherspoon Pubs I have been to.

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