Welcome to Yll Buzoku's presence on the World Wide Web!

!!!This site is under construction but it's gonna be awesome!!!

Welcome to my home page on the information superhighway, or infobahn in German. I hope to add something to the global collective knowledge base and have some fun doing so!

My name is Yll Buzoku and I am a mathematics graduate, currently studying for a PhD in Theoretical Computer Science at University College London.

My supervisors are Dr. Elaine Pimentel and Professor David Pym.

My research interests include Some of my other interests include

- Proof-theoretic Semantics
- Proof-theoretic Semantics for substructural logics  
- (Intuitionistic) Linear Logic and its fragments
- Ecumenical Logic
- Modal Logic
- Paraconsistent Logic
- Logic Programming and Proof Search
- Getting to grips with λPROLOG
- Relation Algebras
- Category Theory
- Algebraic Topology

- Working on my 64-bit operating system SCP/DOS
- Repairing old PC class computers
- Programming in x86 and x86-64 assembly
- Reverse engineering 16-bit systems software for the PC 
    (PC-LAN Manager 1.1) 
- Green River, Mudhoney, Soundgarden and Skin Yard  
    (If you know, you know)
- Playing Halo CE/2, Unreal, UT99 and Quake 3
- Reading sci-fi (Ringworld is awesome)
- NCC-1701-D
- Going up mountains every so often

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