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UAI 2015


8:55-9:00 - Opening Comments

9:00-10:20 - Session 1

9:00 Causal and Statistical Inference with Social Network Data: Massive Challenges and Meager Progress
Elizabeth Ogburn (invited talk) [Slides]
9:50 Learning the Structure of Causal Models with Relational and Temporal Dependence
Katerina Marazopoulou, Marc Meier and David Jensen [Slides]

10:20-10:50 - Coffee

10:50-12:20 - Session 2

10:50 Query-Answer Causality in Databases: Abductive Diagnosis and View Updates
Babak Salimi and Leopoldo Bertossi [Slides]
11:20 Causal Interpretation Rules for Encoding and Decoding Models in Neuroimaging
Sebastian Weichwald, Timm Meyer, Ozan Özdenizci, Bernhard Schölkopf, Tonio Ball and Moritz Grosse-Wentrup [Slides]
11:50 Inference of Cause and Effect with Unsupervised Inverse Regression
Eleni Sgouritsa, Dominik Janzing, Philipp Hennig and Bernhard Schölkopf [Slides]

12:20-2:10 - Lunch

2:10-3:00 - Session 3

2:10 Causal Reasoning for Events in Continuous Time: A Decision-Theoretic Approach
Vanessa Didelez (invited talk) [Slides]

3:00-4:00 - Poster Session with Coffee

1. Exploiting Causality for Efficient Monitoring in POMDPs
Stefano V. Albrecht and Subramanian Ramamoorthy
2. An Empirical Study of the Simplest Causal Prediction Algorithm
Jerome Cremers and Joris Mooij
3. Visual Causal Feature Learning
Krzysztof Chalupka, Pietro Perona and Frederick Eberhardt
4. Lifted Representation of Relational Causal Models Revisited: Implications for Reasoning and Structure Learning
Sanghack Lee and Vasant Honavar
5. Robust reconstruction of causal graphical models based on conditional 2-point and 3-point information
Séverine Affeldt and Hervé Isambert
6. An Algorithm to Compute the Likelihood Ratio Test Statistic of the Sharp Null Hypothesis for Compliers
Wen Wei Loh and Thomas S. Richardson
7. Segregated Graphs and Marginals of Chain Graph Models
Ilya Shpitser

4:00-5:00 - Session 4

4:00 Recovering from Selection Bias using Marginal Structure in Discrete Models
Robin J. Evans and Vanessa Didelez [Slides]
4:30 Advances in Integrative Causal Analysis
Ioannis Tsamardinos [Slides]

5:00-5:30 Panel Discussion with Speakers and Participants