Astrobiology and Planetary Exploration (APEX) Meeting Programme

All APEX meetings this term will be held on-line using Zoom at 13:00 on Thursdays. Contact details will be advertised in advance of each meeting. Please contact joanna.fabbri at for joining instructions if you have not received these prior to the day of each session.

14 October       Estelle Janin (UCL) Exoplanet biosignatures: Past, present and future
21 October       Lydia Mapstone (UCL) Genetic engineering and cultivation of Spirulina for space travel
      Prof Lewis Dartnell (Westminster)     Planetary science and human history
28 October       Prof Katherine Joy (Manchester)     The Winchcombe Meteorite
04 November       Stuart Harrison (UCL) Prebiotic nucleotide synthesis using life as a guide
11 November       UCL Reading Week    No APEX
18 November       Prof Nick Lane (UCL)     Energy and matter at the origin of life
25 November       Dr Andrew Rushby (BBK) Effects of land and ice albedo feedbacks on the climate and habitability of
      terrestrial exoplanets orbiting M-dwarf stars
02 December       Zach Dickeson (BBK/NHM)     Palaeolakes on Mars: Watersheds, drainage, and habitable environments
09 December       Alex Thompson (UCL) Characterising the effects of active host stars on exoplanet transmission spectra
      Arianna Saba (UCL)     The transmission spectrum of WASP-17b from optical to NIR wavelengths
11 December       Dr Francisco Diego (UCL) The cosmological context of our environmental crisis