Astrobiology and Planetary Exploration (APEX) Meeting Programme

All APEX meetings this term will be held on-line using Microsoft Teams at 13:00 on alternate Thursdays. Please contact joanna.fabbri at for joining instructions if you have not received these already.

21 January       Sam Halim (Birkbeck) Modelling carbonaceous chondrite survival for use as a potential lunar resource
04 February       Professor Giovanna Tinetti (UCL)     Latest updates from the ESA Ariel exoplanet mission [TBC]
18 February       Dr Frances Butcher (Sheffield)     Glaciers on Mars: Meltwater, flow histories, and future sampling potential
04 March       Dr Dominic Papineau (UCL) Biosignatures in stromatolitic microbial ecosystems on the early Earth
18 March       Dr Carly Howett (Oxford)    Exploration at the edge of our Solar System : Pluto and the Kuiper Belt as seen by New Horizons