UCL–Imperial Numerical Analysis Seminar. Invited talk.

Workshop on Fully Nonlinear PDE, Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach. Invited talk

Workshop on Nonstandard Finite Element Methods, Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach. Invited talk


FoCM 2020, Vancouver, Canada. Cancelled due to Covid.


Workshop on Iterative methods for partial differential equations, University of Strathclyde. Invited presentation.

EQUADIFF 2019, Leiden, Netherlands. Invited talk.

Mafelap 2019, Brunel, United Kingdom. Invited talks.


Invited Seminar, University of Leicester.

IFIP 2018, Essen, Germany. Organiser of minisymposium on a posteriori error analysis and adaptivity.

Workshop on Numerical Analysis of Complex PDE Models in the Sciences, Erwin Schrodinger Institute, Vienna. Invited presentation.

ICOSAHOM 2018, London. Organiser of minisymposium on adaptivity and a posteriori error analysis.

Workshop on Parallel-in-Time methods, Roscoff, France, 2018. Invited presentation.


Invited Seminar, University College London, Applied Mathematics Seminar.

RMMM 8, Berlin. Invited talk.

Invited Seminar, Université Paris XIII.

FoCM 2017, Barcelona. Invited talks.

Invited Seminar, Laboratoire Jacques—Louis Lions, Université Paris VI, Séminaire du Laboratoire Jacques—Louis Lions.

Workshop on Space-time Methods for Time-dependent Partial Differential Equations, Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach. Invited talk.

Invited Seminar, Université Paris-Sud.

Invited Seminar, Université d'Aix-Marseille.

Invited Seminar, Université de Montpellier.

Domain Decomposition Methods 24, Norway. Organiser for a minisymposium on Fast Solvers for Discontinuous Galerkin Methods. and invited talks.


Invited Seminar, Inria Lille.

Numerical methods for Hamilton-Jacobi equations in optimal control, Austria. Invited talk.

MAFELAP 2016, University of Brunel, London. Invited talk.

ICOSAHOM 2016, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Invited talk.

Algoritmy 2016 Conference, Podbanske, Slovakia.


Invited seminar, University of Warwick, Applied Mathematics Seminar.

Workshop on Nonlinear PDEs, Numerical Analysis, and Applications, University of Pittsburgh. Invited talk

ENUMATH 2015, University of Ankara, September 2015. Invited presentation.

US 13th National Congress on Computational Mechanics, San Diego.

Invited seminar, University of Osnabrueck

IFIP Conference 2015 on System Modelling and Optimization, Sophia Antipolis. Invited talk.

26th Biennal Numerical Analysis Conference, University of Strathclyde. Invited talk.

Workshop on New Discretization Methods for the Numerical Approximation of PDEs, Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach. Invited talk.


Workshop on Recent Advances in Discontinuous Galerkin Methods, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Reading. Invited talk.

Durham LMS Symposium Modern Approaches to Numerical Partial Differential Equations, University of Durham.

2014 SIAM Annual Meeting, Chicago. Invited talk.

Numerical analysis for partial differential equations conference, Sussex.

3rd SIAM National Student Chapter Conference, University of Oxford.

Mathematics and its Applications Seminar, Department of Mathematics, University of Sussex.


ENUMATH 2013 conference, EPFL Lausanne. Invited talk.

Invited Seminar, Institut für Numerische Mathematik, TU Graz.

International Conference on Preconditioning Techniques for Scientific and Industrial Applications, University of Oxford.

8th Postgraduate Numerical Analysis Day, University of Bath.

7th Postgraduate Numerical Analysis Day, University of Reading.