Data, Environments, and Learners: Theory and Algorithms

Research Group at UCL Statistical Science

Led by Omar Rivasplata

IMSS Fellow

Top-level areas of interest
Algorithmic Learning Theory.   Machine Learning Theory and Practice.   Probability and Statistics.  

What is this research group about?
The group's mission is producing meaningful knowledge about machine learning algorithms.

We are interested in sound theory that helps to understand the performance (optimisation, generalisation) of machine learning algorithms, most notably (but not only) deep learning algorithms which are highly relevant nowadays since neural networks are important components of many modern algorithmic learning systems, aka AI.

We aim to develop learning and certification strategies that make efficient use of the available data and deliver reliable performance guarantees.

How to get involved
Please reach out to the group lead.

Season 1 talks

Season 2 talks

Machine Learning Links
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Rich Sutton's incomplete ideas (and RL resources)
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Math Links
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The complex number operations neatly visualised.
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Probability Links (probably accessible)
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Stats Links (most significant)
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Writing aids
How to Write Mathematics, tips from the Mathematics Student Handbook at Trent University.
A Guide to Writing Mathematics by Kevin Lee.
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The Underground Grammarian by Richard Mitchell.