Bruno de Brito Silva

I am a Brazilian Ph.D. Visiting student at UCL from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS).  As a Couple and Family Psychologist, member of the Dynamics of Family Relations Research Nucleus and contributing to Stress, Identities, and Health Lab, my work involves investigating the minority stressors that family configurations headed by same-sex couples face and what are the resilience processes used in order to mitigate the effects of such stressors among Brazilian and British context. The results will be used to construct an instrument to assess minority stress and resilience in a family-level and also assist future research and interventions in different areas, such as education, health, legal and social assistance. Besides, my research interests are theme-related to Gender and Human Sexuality, Social Support, Risk and Protective Factors of the LGBTQ+ population, Couple and Family Therapy, marital relations, and parenting. Contact: