Onesun Steve Yoo

Assistant Professor (aka Lecturer in UK) 
Department of Management Science & Innovation
University College London
Gower Street, London WC1E 6BT, United Kingdom 


Research Interest

Financial capital seeks ideas, it does not create or implement them” - proverb in private equity

Innovation-driven growth activities attract capital investment from financiers looking for high ROI and have been partly responsible for the shift of wealth in civilizations throughout history. I am interested in better understanding one group of agents responsible for such innovation-led growth -- the high growth entrepreneurial firms, such as those invested by growth equity investors. These firms typically have established revenue base (though they may not necessarily be profitable) and require capital to expand their product variety or production volume, or venture into new geographical locations. They may also include firms with only a tested product concept or business model but with high potential for tangible growth. For these firms, attaining the necessary funding is only the beginning.

To implement their growth objective, the entrepreneurs face many operational and tactical challenges and must make critical decisions on a daily basis. From an operations management perspective, there are many open questions that are not sufficiently addressed in the literature, ranging from how to efficiently engage in product development, improve internal processes, manage partnerships, and take advantage of customer learning and new product adoption dynamics when deploying the new products. My research utilizes dynamic programming and learning models to provide stylized and prescriptive insights for such questions relevant to these firms.


Current Research

Product Development

Internal Process and Operations


Customer and Market Response