Onesun Steve Yoo

Assistant Professor (aka Lecturer in UK) 
Department of Management Science & Innovation
University College London
Gower Street, London WC1E 6BT, United Kingdom 

Research Interest

Entrepreneurial operations management, new product development, consumer decisions, learning, trust.



1. Indexability of Bandit Problems with Response Delays (w/ F. Caro). 2010. Probability in the Engineering and Information Sciences, 24(3), 349--374.

2. Optimal Time Allocation for Process Improvement for Growth-Focused Entrepreneurs (w/ C. Corbett and G. Roels). Under review.

3. The Time-Money Tradeoff for Entrepreneurs: When to Hire the First Employee? (w/ G. Roels and C. Corbett). Under review.

4. Retaining New Capable Employees: Role of Strategic Interaction and Learning Rate. (w/ H.D. Kwon). Under review.

5. Role of Predisposition and Information on Consumer Choice and Market Outcomes. (w/ R.Sarin). Under review.

6. Effort Allocation in Entrepreneurial Selling: Role of Customer Learning Externality and Incumbent Reaction. (w/ Y. Huang, B. Gokpinar). Under review.

7. Fragility and Interorganizational Trust. (w/ B. Vanneste). In progress.

8. Optimal Learning and Development for Entrepreneurial Product Launch. (w/ T. Huang, K. Arifoglu). In progress.

9. Selling to Strategic Information-Seeking Customers: A Unified Model of Learning. (w/ Y. Huang, B. Gokpinar, C. Tang). In progress.

10. What is Your Return on Time Invested? (w/ C. Corbett, G. Roels). In progress.



Reviewer: Management Science, Operations Research, MSOM, Decision Sciences, Math. Methods of OR, IEEE Trans. on Engin. Mgmt., MSOM conference.