Philosophy = more concentration than science's on logic of ordinary intelligence: clarity, consistency & validity, completeness, generality.


1 Is disagreement about what consciousness is largely owed to talking about different things? Ch 1 of

2 Do you fail to get one question identified from five leading ideas of consciousness? Yup.  Ch 2 of

3 Do those ideas and other sources issue in a database about ordinary consciousness? You bet.  Ch 3 of  

4 The summary of the database: our being conscious is something's being actual?  Trust that metaphor. Also Ch 3.


1 Philosophers in hope of rising above themselves tend to repeat themselves. I do it one more time.

2 Your being conscious in perception right now is not something that is ABOUT anything, including a world.

3 It IS a subjective physical world out there, dependent on the objective physical world and you neurally.


1 The Actualism theory of perceptual consciousness sure isn’t Naive or Direct Realism, which also leaves out blasted inner images.

2 Actualism doesn’t leave perceptual consciousness a mystery. It works to explain the relation with the objective physical world.


1 A subjective but physical world, to go back to the other day, isn’t a world in any head.

2 Yours is a transient world out there, spatial and causal, etc, dependent on both you neurally and the objective physical world.

3 There being such a world, subjectively really physical, not any representation of it, is what it is for you to be conscious in perception.


1 Both these very words partly about tigers and your thinking via the words are about something – representative.

2 What is it for something to be representative? With ‘tigers’ is the short story that it is caused by tigers? Or, better, evolutionarily caused by tigers?

3 Still a modish theory with tinge of science. But like much such, hopeless? For a start, unrepresentative things are evolutionarily caused.


9  What is actual with your perceptual consciousness now is probably a room out there, nothing else. No philosopher-stuff at all. Ch 7.

10 Its being actual is, literally, its being subjectively physical. Characterisics related but different to those of the objectively physical world. Ch 8.

11 What's actual with cognitive & affective consciousness is, yes, representations. But not just representations such as lines of type.  Ch 9

12 Their being actual is their being differently subjectively physical. That makes them conscious. Ch 10.

13 Upshot. Lovely literal theory. Criteria met. Dawn broken. Forget Descartes, Dennett, Burge. Be an actualist. Join the future. Ch 11.


1 The mind-body problem: How can apparently unphysical consciousness be  effect or correlate of  the physical brain?

2 I bravely say, as some have before me,  that that problem is now solved. Along with problem of how consciousness has physical effects. 

3 Actual consciousness, apparently unphysical, is really physical but subjectively physical. No mind-body problem.

4 Actual consciousness a response too to Chomsky's challenge about the very idea of the physical and science.

5 And to the hopelessness  of McGinn, in a way recanted, and the prior deep pessimism of Tom Nagel.

6 And a real end to the doubt or pessimism about consciousness being a subject for science as well as philosophy. 


1 Sharp Celia says a string of numbered propositions some days ago about Actual Consciousness wasn't dead clear. True. Try again.

2 There's objective physicality, say the room, and subjective physicality, a room. Counterpart characteristics, including being outside you.

3 A room more rather than less real in several senses than the room. Myriad of subjective worlds doesn't make them phantom worlds.

4 To be is to be perceived? No! The other way on. Berkeley was wrong. Being perceptually conscious is something's being out there.

5 Still not dead clear? Try the book, published this very day.  OUP waited 24 years for it.

6 Stuff proved therein? No, only well judged. That is as much as philosophy as concentration on ordinary logic allows.

7 So scientists and philosophers if different are both like judges. Also samely different from judges. Judges have policemen. Wish I had.


actual consciousness = (0) by definition something's being actual. I.e. (8) below. Other 11 propositions below contingent. New. True? Maybe.

actual consciousness = (1) consciousness in the primary ordinary sense, the core sense, as indicated in a good dictionary.

actual consciousness = (2) what can also have an adequate initial clarification, make for one clear question, real disagreement, not bumble.

actual consciousness = (3) the real thing, what exists, the genuine article, not as often theorized, say as in cognitive science.

actual consciousness = (4) what is current, existing now, occurring there in time.

actual consciousness = (5) what is real, not as in mind-body dualism back then & abstract functionalism now, two peas in a hopeless pod.

actual consciousness = (6) what there is data on, a database, not just apercus or old ideas or all of what somehow explains behaviour.

actual consciousness = (7) what science and philosophy can converge on, what is both fact and logic, both fact and thinking about fact.

actual consciousness = (8) figuratively speaking in a certain summation of the database: something's being actual. What? Actuality?

actual consciousness = (9) literally speaking, analysed, in the best theory: being subjectively physical.

actual consciousness = (10) with perceptual consciousness, an external fact, a subjective physical world out there, often a room.

actual consciousness = (11)  with cognitive & affective consciousness, representations-with-attitude, internal, differently subjectively physical.

actual consciousness = (12) theory that satisfies inevitable criteria, such as the falsehood of epiphenomenalism

actual consciousness  =  (13) a right subject, among others maybe the only absolutely necessary one


The mind-body problem: A careless or confused name for the problem of how consciousness, not the rest of mentality, is related to the brain?

The mind-body problem: If you clarify being conscious, its relation to the brain is boring -- lawful connection?

Lawful connection: At bottom a set of conditions, whatever else us happening, still accompanied by something else.


1 Philosophical method like the scientific method includes transition from the metaphorical to the literal. htt

2 Your being conscious in the core ordinary sense, to sum up a metaphorical database, is something’s being actual – actual consciousness.

3 Physicality, the objective physical world, has specifiable general characteristics, including spatiality, lawfulness, being in science.

4 Actualism, the literal theory or analysis of actual consciousness, is that it has different but counterpart characteristics.

5 Actual consciousness is thus subjectively physical – consciousness in perception is the existence of a subjective external physical world.

6 Thinking and wanting, cognitive and affective consciousness, are internal -- subjectively physical representations with attitudes.

7 Actualism uniquely satisfies criteria for an adequate theory, including fully explaining the reality and subjectivity of consciousness.


Your actual perceptual consciousness of the room? It's a room out there being subjectively physical.