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I am a Lecturer in Philosophy at UCL.

I mostly work on logic, mathematics, language, and metanphysics for n > 0. Right now, I am thinking about solipsism and the self, theoretical equivalence, types, and the universal set. Here are some about some things I like.

I care about two big questions:

  1. How do words get to say what they say?
  2. How do words even get to say anything at all?

Sometimes I ask these questions about normal words, like ‘dog’, or ‘table’, or whatever. Sometimes I ask the same questions about less normal words, like ‘number’, or ‘real number’, or ‘power set’. Either way, the questions are really hard. To deal with them, I can’t just think about the words, or what they’re meant to be about; I also have to think about what we are like. So I also have to ask:

  1. What is the self?

And that’s another huge, weird question.

[I made this with just the ten hundred most used words.]

Sean Walsh and I published Philosophy and Model Theory in 2018. I published The Limits of Realism in 2013. I have made some open education resources. I am an associate editor of MIND.

You can email me at . Fun fact: I’m Isaac Newton’s Doktorur15enkel, and Galileo Galilei’s Doktorur18enkel.

This is my main site. I have less well maintained profiles at these places: academia, arXiv, google scholar, ORCID, PhilPapers, SocArXiv.