Priority in Practice: A Research Network


Southern Africa 2020 Vision

A conference to be held in Windhoek in August 2009



Under a broad theme – Southern Africa 2020 Vision: public policy priorities

for the next decade – this conference will consider topics in four areas:


  • Economic development
  • Priorities in health care
  • Governance and democracy
  • Legal and civil rights


The conference will make use of a scenario-based approach to bring a focus

to the presentations and the ensuing discussions.


Speakers will assess likely developments and outcomes in their area of

expertise over the next two, five and ten years. In each case,

recommendations will be made with regard to policy development.

Through discussion we hope to identify areas of consensus and areas of

disagreement, both with regard to the aims and principles of public policy,

and with regard to the relative priorities that should be accorded to policy

in different areas.


The aim of the conference is to bridge the gap between theory and practice

so that academics and civil society participants can make a sustained

contribution to the formation and development of public policy.


Dates and venue

24th and 25th August 2009, at the Safari Court Hotel, Windhoek



Manfred Hinz, Dept. of Public Law & Jurisprudence, University of Namibia

& Jonathan Wolff, Department of Philosophy, University College London



UCL Futures

Wellcome Trust




Day 1, Monday 24th August 2009


Arrival and registration from 09.00


Welcome and introduction by Manfred Hinz.


09.30 to 13.00

Economic development:

Peter Katjavivi, National Planning Commission, Windhoek

Vekuii Rukoro, First National Bank Namibia, Windhoek

Henning Melber, Dag Hammarskjold Foundation, Uppsala, Sweden

Calle Schlettwein, Ministry of Finance, Windhoek


13.00 to 14.00



14.00 to 17.00


Anne Johnson, UCL Institute for Global Health, UK

Marcus Haacker, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, UK

David Lush, Positive Vibes, Windhoek


Conference participants are invited to a buffet dinner at 7pm:

To be held at The Namibia Institute of Culinary Education,

No. 2 Mozart Street, Cnr. Hosea Kutako Drive.



Day 2, Tuesday 25th August 2009

Arrival from 09.00


Welcome and introduction by Jonathan Wolff.

09.30 to 13.00


Democracy and governance

Richard Dowden, Royal Africa Society, London, UK

Steve Gruzd, South African Institute for International Affairs, RSA

Andre du Pisani, UNAM, Windhoek

Ronny Dempers, Nangof Trust, Windhoek


13.00 to 14.00



14.00 to 17.00

Legal and civil rights

Nico Horn, UNAM, Windhoek

Joram Rukumbe, IDEA International, RSA

John Natuka, UNAM, Windhoek


Conference ends at 17.00



Attendance at the conference is limited to 60 participants, including

speakers. This will allow for open and focussed discussion on each of the

topics, both during the sessions and during breaks and dinner.

Attendance is free of charge.


To register for the conference please send you name, and the name of the

organization or institution to which you are attached, to:

Mark Hannam: email:

Naomi Kisting: email

Fax +264 61 229119


We will be able to confirm if a place at the conference is available.


Organizing committee


The organizing committee for the Conference is:

Graham Hopwood, Institute for Public Policy Research, Namibia

Justine Hunter, Namibia Institute for Democracy

Mark Hannam, Institute of Philosophy, University of London




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