Priority in Practice: A Research Network



Priority in Practice: March 31st and April 1st 2008

University College London

School of Public Policy
The Rubin Building
29/30 Tavistock Square

+44 (0)20 7679 4999 (Reception)



Provisional Programme (Revised Jan 15th 2008)

Mon 31st March

10.00 Registration and Coffee

10.30 Andrea Sangiovanni , King’s College London, ‘Justice and Rules of Regulation’

11.30 Tanya Burchardt, LSE, ‘Conditioned Expectations and the Capability Approach’

12.30 Lunch

1.30 Session on Trust and Democratic Practice 1:

Mathew Festenstein, University of York, ‘Truth and Trust in Democratic Epistemology’

2.30 Session on Trust and Democratic Practice 2:

Neus Torbisco, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, ‘Nationalism, Cosmopolitanism and the Promise of Trust’

3.30 Tea

3.45 Session on Trust and Democratic Practice 3:

Andrew Tucker, UCL, “Does one Trust (Model) Fit All? Linking Theory and Empirics”.

4.45 Session on Trust and Democratic Practice 4:

Richard Murray, New Economic Foundation “Can We Measure Trust At the Frontline? Exploring Policy Lessons From

UK Public Services”

5.45 Close


Tues April 1st

9.30 Coffee

10.00 Luc Bovens, LSE and Pareth Kathrani, Kingston Law School and King’s London, ‘The Tampere Agreement:

Towards a Common EU Asylum Policy’

11.00 Christine Straehle, University of Quebec at Montreal,  ‘Immigration and the Welfare State’

12.00  Lunch

1.30 Shlomi Segall, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem ‘The Health of Nations: Whose Responsibility?’

2.30 Harald Schmidt, Nuffield Council, ‘Just Health Responsibility: Personal Responsibility As Co-Responsibility’

3.30 Tea

3.45 Martin O’Neill, Manchester, ‘Rawls and Property-Owning Democracy’

4.45 Barbara Fried, Stanford ‘Regulation of Harm: Is There a Coherent Alternative to Welfarism?’

5.45 Close



Registered Particpants

  1. Hilda Boje
  2. Luc Bovens
  3. Theres Bjorkhom
  4. Sandrine Blanc
  5. Alex Brown
  6. Tanya Burchardt
  7. Geert Demuijnck
  8. Paul Dolan
  9. Craig Duckworth
  10. Ian Dunbar
  11. Sarah Edwards
  12. Nir Eyal
  13. Mathew Festenstein
  14. Barbara Fried
  15. Dirk Haubrich
  16. Madeleine Hayenhjelm
  17. Robert Jubb
  18. Omar Khan
  19. Patti Leonard
  20. Annabelle Lever
  21. Veronique Munoz Darde
  22. Richard Murray
  23. Martin O’Neill
  24. Tom Porter
  25. Janet Radcliffe Richards
  26. Miriam Ronzoni
  27. Penelope Rowlatt
  28. Andrea Sangiovanni
  29. Ben Saunders
  30. Harald Schmidt
  31. Shlomi Segall
  32. Raj Sehgal
  33. Christine Straehle
  34. Patrick Tomlin
  35. Neus Torbisco
  36. Andrew Tucker
  37. Nick Tyler
  38. Gry Wester
  39. Hannah White
  40. Jo Wolff






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