Joe Horton

Joe Horton

I am a lecturer in philosophy at University College London. I work mainly on issues in political philosophy, practical ethics, and normative ethics, but I am also interested in philosophy of law and epistemology. My recent work focuses on questions about interpersonal aggregation and suboptimal supererogation.

You can contact me at

You can find my CV here.

You can find my published work through the following links:

  1. The All or Nothing ProblemThe Journal of Philosophy 114 (2017): 94–104     (abstract)
  2. Aggregation, Complaints, and RiskPhilosophy & Public Affairs 45 (2017): 54–81     (abstract)
  3. Always AggregatePhilosophy & Public Affairs 46 (2018): 160–174     (abstract)
  4. The Exploitation ProblemThe Journal of Political Philosophy 27 (2019): 469–479     (abstract)

I currently teach the following courses:

  1. Topics in Political Philosophy (2nd-year)     (description)
  2. Consequentialism, Kantianism, and the Ideal World (3rd-year, MA, MPhil)     (description)
  3. The Philosophy of Altruism (3rd-year, MA, MPhil)     (description)
  4. Recent Work in Moral Philosophy (MPhil)     (description)