Ph.D. Economics, Job Market candidate

University College London

Curriculum Vitae (July 2015)

University of Siena
Advisors: Luigi Luini and Sam Bowles
Piazza S. Francesco, 7, Siena 53100

University College London
Advisors: Syngjoo Choi and Orazio Attanasio
Drayton House, 30 Gordon Street, London WC1H 0AX

Currently visiting UC Berkeley, CA, USA

Fields of interest: Experimental and Behavioral Economics; Impact evaluation; Microeconometrics; Early Child Development


Building social capital: conditional cash transfers and cooperation. With O. Attanasio, and L. Pellerano. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization. In press.

Economic incentives and social preferences: substitutes or complements? Journal of Economic Literature. vol. 50(2), pages 368-425, June (2012). With Sam Bowles.

Building trust? Conditional cash transfer programmes and social capital, Fiscal Studies, Vol. 30 (2) (2009). With Orazio Attanasio and Luca Pellerano.

Social Capital and Household Income in Urban Colombia. Revista Desarrollo y Sociedad. Universidad de los Andes. vol. 56 (2). September (2005).

Working papers

Disentangling Social Capital: Lab-in-the-Field Evidence on Coordination, Networks and Cooperation

Prosocial behavior, Heterogeneity and Incentives: Experimental evidence from the local commons in Colombia.

Leading by non-example: do leader’s social preferences matter for cooperation? Exprimental evidence from Colombia.

Structural identification of social preferences: evidence from the local commons in Colombia. With D. Echeverry.

Work pays: different benefits of a workfare program in Colombia. With A. Alik, O. Attanasio, C. Meghir and M. Vera-Hernandez.

Helping the Helpers: Altruism as a Rational Choice of Donors to a Students' Voluntary Organization (2009) Working paper CEDE (30). Universidad de los Andes. With JC Cárdenas, JC. and M. Espinosa.

Pasos metodológicos de un diseño experimental para medir capital social y acción colectiva en seis ciudades latinoamericanas(2008) [Methodological steps for an experimetnal design to measure social capital and collective action in six Latinamerican cities] Working paper CEDE (17) Universidad de los Andes. With N. Candelo.


Discrimination in the Provision of Social Services to the Poor: A Field Experimental Study. Book Chapter 3. In: Discrimination in Latin America: an Economic perspective. Edited by H.Nopo , A. Chong , A. Moro. LADF Series – World Bank (2009). With Juan Camilo Cárdenas, Natalia Candelo, Alejandro Gaviria, and Rajiv Sethi.

To What Extent Do Latin Americans Trust and Cooperate? Field Experiments on Social Exclusion in Six Latin American Countries. In: IADB IPES 2008 Report: Outsiders? The Changing Patterns of Exclusion in Latin America and the Caribbean (David Rockefeller/Inter-American Development Bank). Chapter 7. With Juan Camilo Cárdenas, Natalia Candelo, Sebastian Calónico, Alberto Chong, and Hugo Ñopo.

Other contributions

Colaboration on the website Tool to raise awareness in the wider public, illustrating the main tradeoffs when thinking about taxing wealth. Spanish translation:

Microeconomía: Comportamiento, Instituciones y Evolución (2010). Spanish translation. Chapter 14. Microeconomics: Behavior, Institutions and Evolution, by Sam Bowles. Princeton University Press, 2004.

Policies Designed for Self-Interested Citizens May Undermine 'The Moral Sentiments': Evidence from Economic Experiments. Supplementary Online Material. Science 320 (2008): 5883 (June 20).