Cand. Oecon (Aarhus) PhD (Southampton)
Professor of Economics, University College London
Drayton House, Gower Street, London WC1E 6BT, UK
Phone: +44 (0) 203 108 5013

Co-Director, Centre for Macroeconomics, Research Fellow, CEPR,
Joint Managing Editor, Economic Journal,
Deputy Chairman, Danmarks Grundforskningsfond (Danish National Research Foundation)

I am a macroeconomist. My recent research has looked at topics such as:

- Aggregate Demand and Idiosyncratic Risk

- Expectations and the Crisis

- Fiscal Policy and Anticipation Effects

- Deep Habits,

- Aggregation, Heterogeneity and the Real Exchange Rate

- Participation Choices and Macro Labor Fluctuations

Recent publications (see my publication page for details and more papers)

Karel Mertens and Morten O. Ravn. 2014.
"Fiscal Policy in an Expectations Driven Liquidity Trap."
Review of Economic Studies.

Karel Mertens and Morten O. Ravn. 2013.
"The Dynamic Effects of Personal and Corporate Income Tax changes in the United States."
American Economic Review 103(4): 1212-47.

Karel Mertens and Morten O. Ravn. 2013.
"A Reconciliation of SVAR and Narrative Estimates of Tax Multipliers."
Forthcoming, Journal of Monetary Economics.

Morten O. Ravn, Stephanie Schmitt-Grohe and Martin Uribe. 2012.
"Consumption, Government Spending, and the Real Exchange Rate."
Journal of Monetary Economics 59(3): 215-34.

Karel Mertens and Morten O. Ravn. 2012.
"Empirical Evidence on The Aggregate Effects of Anticipated and Unanticipated U.S. Tax Policy Shocks."
American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, 4(2): 145-81.

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